Go Gewürtz!

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Too thrilling for some, Gewürztraminer (Gewürtz for short) is an intensely aromatic and spicy white grape. Setting it apart from other white grapes, its light pink skin can give its wines a delightful golden colour.

Gewürztraminer usually thrives in cooler climates (it is at home in the Alpine regions of France, Germany and Italy, but also thrives in the cooler regions of the New World), which brings out its floral aromas, but it needs a long ripening season and loves sunny and dry weather.

Aroma-wise, expect lychees, rose petals (think Turkish Delight), sweet baking spices, tropical fruit and, some even say... Nivea Crème! Its wines are often full bodied with a rich and oily mouthfeel, and they can pack a punch alcohol-wise (14% abv is not unusual). Told you it can be too much for the uninitiated!

In Australia, where it’s also known as Traminer, it is grown in very small amounts (around 0.6% of plantings), mostly in Tasmania, Adelaide Hills and the Clare, Hunter, Eden, Hunter, Alpine, and Yarra Valleys. In warmer regions it is often blended with Riesling to improve acidity, whilst from the cooler areas, single-variety wines can be both delicate AND scented, and can range from dry through off-dry to sweet. Great with spicy pan-Asian Australian cuisine.

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