País, pretty please!

Chile Grape Varieties País Red Wine

Historically used to make the staple Chilean ‘jug’ wine, País was brought to the Americas by Spanish settlers.

Although around 75% of País vines in Chile have been pulled up since the 1980s with the trend for more well-known international grape varieties, it is seeing a bit of a revival with quality-driven producers making the most of its light and fruity character.

País is mostly grown in the south of Chile now with good wines being made from old vines in Maule, Bío Bío and Itata.

Soft plum and lots of red fruit (red currant, red cherry, raspberry) with a hint of chocolate, spice and earthiness flavours make País a great go-to for easy drinking or for pairing with a light bite. Excellent slightly chilled too, so great for the summer.

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