Tempted by Torrontés?

Argentina Grape Varieties Torrontés White Wine

Torrontés is a white grape variety which produces a full bodied and aromatically heady white wine. A real treat if you’ve not tried it before and you’re bored of simple white wines!

It is Argentina’s signature white grape and although there are four types of the grape found in Argentina, only one (Torrontés Riojano) is used for good quality wines.

Plantings take up around 4% of the total planted area in Argentina and it is widely grown across the country, particularly in the Mendoza, San Juan, La Rioja and Salta regions.

Typically makes dry (non-sweet) wines which are usually unoaked. You might find aromas and flavours of rose petal, white flowers, peach and grape (not kidding). Can be similar to Gewürztraminer (see our other post about that delight of a grape). One to drink earlier rather than later – less than a year is usually best to keep it at its freshest.

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