Wine Designations

As you browse the Oh Grape collection you will see a note by each wine stating certain designations. Some of these are widely accepted... others are open more to interpretation. So below is an explanation to how they are used by Oh Grape.

Vegetarian Wine A wine is designated vegetarian if during the winemaking process there has been no use of any meat, fish and poultry products or by-products.

Vegan Wine A wine is designated vegan if no animal products have been used, including all dairy products, such as milk, eggs, isinglass or animal gelatine.

Organic Wine A wine is designated organic if it is certified as such by a recognised body or if the producer practices generally accepted organic principles in the vineyard and winery, and if the ethos and intent of the producer is to produce wine organically.

Biodynamic Wine A wine is designated biodynamic if it is certified as such by a recognised body or if the wine has been made following the teachings of Rudolph Steiner.

Natural Wine A wine is designated natural if it has been sustainably farmed following organic or biodynamic principles and with nothing, or very little, removed or added during winemaking. This includes the use of yeast or any other additive, such as sulphur.